Seems like i have deployed the site successfully but the link is not working

This is the site link:

This is my GitHub repo:

Since I am a newbie at the moment I can not figure out what to do. Any kind of help would be much appreciated.

Hey @oliullah96

You have deployed the files in the repository, true. However, it has deployed the files as is, without building.

The React app is in the directory modern-ui-ux within the repository (thanks for sharing the link; makes it much easier to troubleshoot) so the Build from a subdirectory or monorepo documentation is relevant here.

In essence, for the build settings you need to set the base directory to modern-ui-ux, the build command to npm run build and the publish directory to modern-ui-ux/build. This should see the app deployed as intended.

If you have any other issues or questions, do not hesitate to reply.

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