Security and privacy

Hi. I want to link my app from my web and I have a couple of questions.

First. Are there any cookies I need to advice in my page?

Second. Is the app secure. I mean can be reached and injected malicious code?

Thanks in advance.


Check out: Cookies and GDPR compliance - Support - Netlify Support Forums

On a high-level? Not that we know of, without access to your account or codebase. If you find a vulnerability, let us know. But, any specifics can only be discussed once we see your website, but you’re better off by getting your website reviewed from a security expert than asking on public forums.

Hi. No, my website is not infected. I mean the app in the Netlify server. Could it be reached and infected? How secure is it? Thanks in advance. Regards

Hi, @Amapola-Negra. The site in the Netlify server is secure and it should not be possible to modify the deployed site. The site can only be changed by making a new deploy.

There is more information about the “immutable deploys” functionality here:

Thank you very. Much. Have a nice day!