Cookies not getting sent in request after deployment

Hi Support team, I recently deployed my MERN app where frontend is deployed on netlify and backend is hosted on render. I have used JWT for authentication. Everything works fine on localhost but when I deploy the site cookies are requested and responded to for the login section. But within the app whenever I try to use any other functionality liking, unliking, subscribing, etc. cookies are not sent with the request and the server gives err: 401 - you are not authenticated message.

I am unable to attach screenshots of codes as it is not allowing me to do so.
Kindly check the code on github links provided.

site link:

Frontend: GitHub - LEGO-SUDO/YTfrontend
Backend: GitHub - LEGO-SUDO/YTbackend
test account:
name - lego10
password - lego10

Hey @lego :wave:t6: , thanks so much for reaching out. Unfortunately debugging code is outside the realm of support so we can’t be of much help there. I will leave this thread marked as open so others in the community can take a look.