Seccess deploy but can't reload css
i don’t know why can’t reload css
But I’ve uploaded before and it was successful

Hi @classiczefani3,

Thanks for reaching out and welcome to Netlify’s Support Forums!

Could you clarify what you mean when you state that you don’t know why can’t reload CSS?

I’m able to see the site and it appears that the CSS is loading, even when reloading the site.

I’m not seeing any errors in the Dev Tool console.

Could you provide steps to reproduce the issue?

please try again this url

i dont know, but i think because no reload css

Hi @classiczefani3,

Thanks for the follow-up. I see I clicked on the wrong link.

Could you compare the two sites to see if the site that is missing CSS contains the same CSS code?

If you go here: Netlify App, you can click on the download arrow here:

You can do the same for the jcamp-chms site here: Netlify App

After downloading the folder, compare the two to see if the CSS is the same in both.