Scheduled Publishing of the latest deploy

Hi Team,

I’m trying to find a way to schedule a “publish” from my most latest deploys, or even better, if I could select a particular deploy and schedule it via Netlify, much like the “publish deploy” button we have.

I currently have auto-publish feature turned off as I don’t want it to continuously deploy and publish every time I push changes to my repo. I’ve looked in to Zapier + Netlify, but all it does is just deploy (from the Send Test) – although I didn’t follow through with the setup yet as I’m a bit nervous to try. Let me know if this will actually publish, but having a schedule publish feature built into Netlify is cool too.

So in short:

  • Find a way to publish a particular deploy, or being able to publish the latest deploy, on a set schedule.


We do have an open feature request for that, but no plans to implement. Today you can accomplish the workflow using other services in several ways:

  1. build your deploys as you commit, use locked deploys to pin one, and use our API to update on your schedule: + then relock:

  2. use an incoming webhook and you can trigger a new build + deploy at will. Most useful for sites that pull content from some other source like a CMS that isn’t storing its files in your repo already - since no change in git may not equal no change in site content!

To trigger these, you will need the third party service:

either a cron server that you run - all of those flows are scriptable
or something like a scheduled zap from These are free for a few uses per month, less free as your usage goes up.

I’ve added your voice to the open feature request so we shall follow up in this thread if our product support for this evolves!

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hey clyde, its been a while, but i wanted to let you know we are super happy to announce we now have scheduled functions in beta.

more here: