Hook to get publish notifications

We are using all the deploy hooks, but what seems to be missing is a publish hook in the case a site has autopublish off. When a particular deployment is then published manually, there is no notification hook for such an event. This is necessary to fully keep track of deployment status in an external UI. Obviously the workaround would be to disallow login to the UI and make the publish request through the API, but it feels like an obvious oversight. Also the deployment records don’t make it obvious when a site was published other than the update_date changing. It would be nice to have a build_date and a publish_date where the publish date only changes when it’s really published and a preview_date when the preview URL is valid.

interesting idea, @richtera ! i wil try and get some :eyes: on this for the future. thanks!

Also looking for this feature. (Publish hook)
Is this something which is planned for future release?

Hi @Simskii,

There’s a feature request, but we don’t know if/when it will be implemented. But we’ll update this thread in case it’s released.


Has there been any updates for this feature request?


Hi @kai.yang,

Unfortunately, nothing yet. But we’d update the thread if something changes.