Can't figure out scheduled deploys

The website is:
Repo: GitHub - schaefsteven/cn-hugo

I’m trying to get the site to automatically trigger a build every day. I tried following a few different guides to do this, but since this is in beta, I’m wondering if things have changed?

I used these two guides:

Right now I tried to make it so that the site would re-deploy every minute (just to make sure it was working.) But no luck on that. Can anybody see what I’ve done wrong?

Relevant files to look at:

Note, the site is built with hugo, so my netlify.toml and netlify/fuctions/ are under the /static/ directory.

Appreciate if anybody can point me in the right direction here. Thanks!

Hi, @Rascal9095. Scheduled functions requires a Pro or higher level account. I believe when the blog post was made, this was before scheduled functions was gated to the Pro plan.

I don’t see any accounts associated with this email address on the Pro plan so that would explain why it isn’t working. If you upgrade to Pro it will work and, if not or if there are other questions, please let us know.

Hi @luke

Seeking clarification on the Pro plan details:

I don’t see anything on the pricing page in either the Full Feature List or the Functions add-on about the gating of Scheduled Functions, and the Scheduled Functions documentation mentions nothing of this either and says the feature is still in Beta.

Also, I deployed a scheduled function to my free-tier/function level 0 account and the function has indeed run multiple times (scheduled every 10 minutes as a test.)

I guess when Scheduled Functions are out of beta they will indeed require a paid plan to deploy and execute (and fair enough.)

Okay, thanks for the clarification!
The docs should be updated. This page states that “The Scheduled Functions beta is enabled by default for all accounts.”

I don’t see any files there. Am I missing something? Also, not sure what’s the connection here, but there’s no reason to put those files inside static (netlify.toml won’t even work inside static).

I’ve updated the repo to use a different method for daily builds, so I’ve deleted those files since I don’t need them anymore.

You can still see the repo as it was when my post was made here: GitHub - schaefsteven/cn-hugo at beb5d6d8851aca210e0c89ef9b3e674bd28f50c8

The netlify.toml needs to go at the root of the repository, not in the static directory. Path for functions is relative to that file.

When the site is built, files in static get placed in the root directory.

netlify.toml needs to be in the root before the site is built, unless you are building off Netlify and only pushing public to Netlify.

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