Role Based Access with Free Starter Account?

I recently did a tutorial involving Role Based Access with Netlify Identity. I am currently on the Free Starter plan.

I realize in the pricing that Role Based Access is only mentioned in the the Business plan. Therefore I’m confused why it allowed me to do this in the Starter plan. My assumption is because the Identity service will auto scale based on my needs? If this is true, my question is:

Will I be billed $99 for keeping this demo site active on my team, with two test users with separate roles? How do I know the limitations for when I’ll be billed for trying/using these features.

Additional context: I was doing the tutorial to see if the role based access functionality is what I need for a website I might be working on for someone in the future. I need some clarity whether this person should expect to pay the additional $99 for having role based access. Their funds are limited, so if someone could provide other cost effective options, that would be appreciated.

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Greetings @hemond.colby! :wave:t2:

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The pricing page is a little tricky when it comes to syntax and wording. In short, RBAC with Netlify Identity is fully supported on the free tier. I can explain any of the other individual components of the pricing page that reference slightly separate functionality, but RBAC is available and free to all :slight_smile:


What a relief! Thanks @jonsully for clarifying this for me so quickly!

No problem! I watch the #identity tag pretty closely and this is a great question to have on file as answered (safely). :+1:t2: Cheers!