Roadmap For Full Rust Support Since It's Been In Experimental Mode For Quite Some Time

Hi for the past month I have been building backend applications in Rust and tried to deploy on Netlify. The experience has been okay.
However looks like the feature for Rust has been in Experimental Mode for quite some time now

The examples in the blog post or GitHub repository works and helps you to get started. But the packages are very outdated and once you update packages and then redeploy your functions, the functions crash once you visit your functions.
Trying to also use the latest lambda packages also results in a crash.

My question is…

  1. What are the plans for Rust to move from experimental to full support.
  2. Is there a way to use updated packages that will not break your application.


There are no plans to do anything with Rust at least in Q1 or Q2. With that being said, given the other high priority stuff that’s planned, I don’t anticipate any activity around this for a considerable amount of time under normal circumstances. This is not a highly-requested feature or something that generates enough demand to prioritize active work on. This is not to say it would never change, but I also won’t hold my breath till it happens.

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Hi @hrishikesh, thanks for the update.