Reverse proxy and traffic quota


I am planning to use netlify to serve a static content site generated with hugo, which me and my team are working on right now.

Some parts of our website are dynamic, and we will need to reverse proxy them to another server, which as my understanding goes, it is possible with your platform.

The endpoints in our server reached by the reverse proxy are general API endpoints with an exception, one endpoint is used by our customers applications for auto-update, which means when somebody accesses that endpoint with a token, will get our latest app version downloaded in a zip format from our servers.
Is this allowed on your platform given the files are not hosted with you but with us?
Does the traffic from this reverse proxy endpoint gets counted against the monthly quota if it’s not coming from your network?

Let me know.

Hi there and welcome to our community!

That is allowed; however, it will cost you money since it IS coming from our network - if we serve it (even via proxy), we have to pay for transit, and thus you have to pay for bandwidth usage.

I’d suggest NOT proxying that call since it seems likely we won’t “enhance” that experience at all in any way except:

  1. adding an additional network hop to slow things down
  2. charging you for that service.

Is that possible in your setup? Seems like you could perhaps use redirect rules like these:

/api/update 301
/api/* 200!

Note that you’ll want to be sure to put that “exception” above the general case since hey, we read those in order :wink:

Makes sense! thank you :wink: