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Reverse Proxy on Netlify

Good afternoon, I use nginx reverse proxy for some of my sites, and decided to try to do a reverse proxy on netlify, I have a droplet configured on Digitalochean where Nginx PM is configured, it does reverse proxy on aws and everything works, on netlify - no, maybe there is any restrictions on your site?
I have an error - Not found - Request ID: 01FBF3QQR2RT5589A3GTPNSSFV

Welcome to the Forums @Arsenii

Before digging into the issue you are facing I suggest first considering the following support guide

Though a little old now, you might also look at and provide some feedback as to why you are doing this.

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Good day, i need to use a reverse proxy because one part of my site is on netlify, the second is on another resource, and depending on the url, it is necessary for my reverse server to switch, thanks for the recommendations, but I want to understand whether my reverse server will work or not, and tell me where and what needs to be configured?

Hi, @Arsenii. I’m showing the 01FBF3QQR2RT5589A3GTPNSSFV request was a 404 for site not found.

Before you can make redirect rules for a domain name at Netlify you must add the domain to a site here. For the domain in the request URL, the DNS pointed to Netlify but you didn’t add the domain to any sites here (under Site Name > Settings > Domain management > Custom domains).

So, in this case it didn’t work because all the requirements for it working were not met. Would you like to try it again with the domain added to the site where the redirect rules were added? If it still doesn’t work, please let us know.


Thank you for giving the answer, I already have the visartech.com domain on netlify - visartech-website.netlify.app, and if I understand correctly I have a reverse proxy with the reverse.visartech.com subdomain - now I need to add in the netlify settings subdomain (reverse.visartech.com) and everything will work?

Hi @Arsenii,

Probably, can’t say. I’ve not completely understood your configuration. But as far as the topic is concerned, you need to add reverse.visartech.com to a Netlify website and only then the domain reverse.visartech.com would start working. Without it, you’d always get the 404 page like you’re getting now.

So, try adding it to a website and let us know how it goes.

Thanks for your answer, I will do so now, my configuration is as follows:
I have a server where a reverse proxy nginx is configured and A record of my domain points to its ip, behind it is netlify and aws, if we go to exapmle.com/test1, it sends us to aws, and if to example.com/test2 on netlify, but at the same time the user sees in the url example.com/, the user does not know that when he goes to one site on different pages, he is thrown between different servers, but at the same time he sees the domain example.com/

Hi @Arsenii,

Thank you for the detailed description. That clears some stuff. Yes, while proxying is not recommended, you would be able to do that after you add the domain to a website.

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But I don’t understand a bit what and where to register, A records of my domain point to my proxy server, and from it I redirect back to the aws ec2 server which has an ip and I specify it, but I have a netlify - example-website .netlify.app and loadbalancer with ip104.198.14.52 and then I don’t understand how I can redirect all traffic to netlify through my proxy server

Hi, @Arsenii. Are you asking how to configure Nginx to proxy to Netlify? If so, our support team doesn’t provide technical support for third-party software but someone else on these forums might.

So, this question is welcome here but the Netlify support team only has the resources to answer questions about Netlify itself. The correct Nginx configuration isn’t covered in the scope of our technical support.

Again, though, there may be others here that are able to answer this question so you are certainly welcome to ask here. You might also try asking this question in Nginx specific channels as they will be able to provide the targeted support for the software you are asking about.


Thank you for your help, I was able to figure it out and everything worked

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Thanks for the help, I was able to set everything up)

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Great to hear! Thanks for letting us know :netliconfetti: Feel free to share your solution so that future Forums members who encounter something similar can follow along.