REST API GET /sites endpoint is not returning all of the sites I have access to

Netlify site name: pos-qa (among others).

My company has 15 sites deployed via Netlify. Of those, I personally deployed 6, while others deployed the remaining 9. However, I’m an account owner and have full access to ALL of our deployed sites.

When I use the netlify API’s GET /sites endpoint, only the 6 apps that I personally deployed are returned. I’ve checked ownership and permissions and there’s absolutely no difference between the sites I deployed and the others, other than the fact that I deployed them.

Let me know what I have to do to gain access to the remaining sites via the REST API.

Ah, found it… looks like maybe an undocumented endpoint? It’s GET /{team-slug}/sites. Seems to return the same shape, but with all of the sites for the given team, rather than just “your” sites (although the ones I created were owned by the team and showed no evidence of being “my” sites).

This is now resolved.