Response code of 200 on Netlify Forms but the submission is not showing up on dashboard

I’m trying to enable Netlify forms on sveltekit over on

The form is detected, and I’m submitting through an Ajax request, I also get a 200 response code, which is supposed to mean that the form has been submitted, but nothing reaches the dashboard. I tried submitting the form to a different page that I created, and I also get the same 200 response code but also nothing on the dashboard.

Hi @unknown.6003, thanks for the post and welcome to the Netlify Support Forums.
Kindly check out the blog post below on how to properly set up Netlify Forms with Sveltekit.

Let me know the outcome.


I have followed this guide but due to specific features my form cannot be pre-rendered. Hence, I followed the js rendered guide using a hidden html form, and I use Ajax to submit the request.

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Hi @unknown.6003, thanks for the feedback.
I want to find out if the form submissions are working of trying out the Ajax to submit?

Submitting the form through html does work, but using Ajax gives a 200 code without the results being recorded, which defeats the point since it’s a hidden form.

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The problem is explained here:



I have tried this solution but nothing has changed. Setting the endpoint to a page that already exists (/form) returns a 404 error, despite the page existing and reachable by typing the same link in the browser.

I have not set up any redirect rules manually, but I’m not sure how to check if they’re any set automatically by svelte kit. How may I check for these and disable them?

:wave: @unknown.6003 ,

Looks like you do have a redirect rule that redirects all paths to a render function:

"path" => "*",
              "to" => "/.netlify/functions/render",
          "status" => 200,

To configure redirects that are automatically set by svelte kit, you’ll want to consult svelte docs . Hope that helps, please keep us posted! :slight_smile: