200 Response but no data - Svelte/Sapper

Site name : https://jolly-shaw-88f0dd.netlify.app/feedback/
Form name: contact

I’ve spent a few hours reading prior forum answers to resolve problems which took me from receiving a 404 response to a 200 response. I’m still not receiving any inputs however in the /forms section of my Netlify dashboard. I do see the “contact” form entry so Netlify is registering it. I confirmed in the network tab that my post does contain a payload with the form data. All form fields are named. I have removed the service-worker that is included in many Sapper templates. Not quite sure what else to check so any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I’m having the same issue. I get a 200 response, and I see the confirmation success message, but when I go to the forms tab in the dashboard there are no submissions, and nothing in spam.

Form fields are named, form-name is being sent…I"m stumped.

I did find out during this experiment that I have to include the following snippet in my form :

<input type="hidden" name="form-name" value="contact" /> 

If I don’t then I receive a 404 response. I’m not quite sure why because I’m not submitting the form with JS.

I didn’t put a hidden input but I did manually add form-name to the POST payload in my AJAX call…which should be equivalent as far as I can tell.

However now I suddenly see form submissions, it just took ~60-70minutes for them to show up. Not sure if that’s normal or not? Ideally I’d like them to show up quicker, but it’s not a deal breaker necessarily.

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Thanks for the heads-up! I just checked again and I’m seeing them too. I guess this “issue” is resolved. Everything else happens so fast with Netlify I guess they just set the expectations bar too high sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

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