Requirement to clear cache when rebuilding with Functions?

Deployed my first site with Functions running—even managed to get it all working with netlify cli—amazing workflow and can’t wait to go even deeper in 2020.

Question—when deploying, functions fail unless I Retry Deploy -> Clear Cache and Redeploy

I’m using netlify lambda to rebuild the functions, as I assumed this was the correct approach, but I wonder if I’m missing something as I will deploy—the site will break—and I’ll have to wait another 5-8 min to redeploy after caching. During that time the live site is non-functional…so I assume there’s some hiccup on my part in terms of workflow.

Hi @jhull, you don’t necessarily need to use netlify-lambda. Have you tried deploying your functions unbundled? This is described in our functions docs.

Oh, that is insanely helpful. And so easy to implement.

Are you saying I can pull out netlify-lambda now and just use this?

Yup, zip-it-and-ship-it is built into the build-image/buildbot so you can pull netlify-lambda out of your build process (package.json and build command) and things should work as described.