Netlify Functions: How to deploy functions only and not entire buid?

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to only deploy the Netlify functions in my repo, and not build the entire site. An entire site build can take up to 20minutes. While building the functions takes less than a minute. This should be possible and would reduce on compute-time on your end. Any hints?

I am using Netlify CLI. So it would be great if I could do it that way.

Hey @Phil

If you are using the CLI, check out functions:build.

@coelmay that builds functions locally. Is there a way I can deploy the functions live?

You cannot deploy functions independently of a site.

edit: see How to deploy functions without going through the build process - #4 by Dennis for a more detailed explanation.

Awesome thanks. Look like I need this plugin: to avoid rebuilding the site if no changes