Request for a penetration test

I like to request permission for a penetration test for two websites, which are hosted at netlify. I regard here to this post.

Thank you in advance!

Hiya @Crypto-Chris ,

We don’t grant that permission to non-enterprise accounts.

I’ve referred you to our Sales team so they can talk to you about a plan on which our team will permit & work with you around performing a test. The Sales team also have the results from our own 3rd party penetration testers that they can discuss with you in case that will suit your needs and help keep you in compliance with our terms of service.

Please be aware that if you proceed to scan us without permission, you will be in violation of our terms of service and we may take recourses such as shutting down your account or blocking access to your site.

Hi @fool .

Yes this account has only the free plan. I am asking on behalf of my client which hosts and at Netlify. Should the owner of these websites write in this threat to approve my request?

No. The owner of those sites is on a free plan, and like all of our customers on every plan, also is not allowed testing without express permission. I referred you to the Sales team since our Support team can only grant this permission to Enterprise customers after we vet the proposed process and will not be able to sign off on it for customers at lower plan levels - so unless they’d like to talk with Sales about an upgrade, their request will be denied as well.

That is the only path forward for anyone wanting to scan our system, by the way, just to set expectations for future explorers. Note that our Sales team does have a copy of our 3rd-party penetration tests which we conduct regularly, which they may be willing to share with you even if you aren’t able to upgrade! But, that decision will be one that they make while talking with you; Support does not have a copy of the report to share.