Penetration Test Request

I would like to request permission to run a penetration test for one of our sites hosted on Netlify.

I did send in a direct request yesterday, but not heard anything back yet.

Thank you


@davesykeselateral As I understand it, this is something that’s only granted to enterprise customers:

Thanks Nathanmartin,

I’ll look out for a reply from them, but am on a paid account, I’d seen reference to that before as well, so hopefully be ok.

Thank you for your reply though.


Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out. Our team has responded and followed up with you via our helpdesk. Please refer to ticket # 158685

Thanks Sam,

Just found the direct response in my Spam folder. Will continue the conversation via the direct email.

For anyone searching here, from the reply I received this can only be done on Enterprise accounts, speak to sales if you’re not already on that subscription.



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