Removing spam links from "Top Resources Not Found" in Analytics


I’d like to remove spam links from “Top Resources Not Found” section in Analytics.

There are only 15 links displayed in this section, and I would like to see only the ones specific to the content on my site, such as broken blog links, etc.

An example of a spam one would be /wp-login.php. It’s my top item in the list. There are many other spam ones such as .env, index.php, /wp-admin/

Is there a way to exclude links today?

One idea I had was to try and hide these by adding a specific redirect rule to my 404 page, but assume this would be the same as a natural 404 since those pages don’t exist.

Another idea would be to have some sort of way of excluding links from analytics, say in netlify.toml.

Thank you!

I like this idea, if it doesn’t already exist. “Excluding” links from analytics so that you can view the data important to you. wp-* are some of my top resources not found too. :slight_smile: - Subscribing to topic

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Another thought: If exclusions not possible, a nice workaround would be to have the option of viewing all the “Top Resources Not Found” links and not cap it at 15.

These are all great ideas which I’ve gotten in front of our Product team to consider as future enhancements. I can confirm that there is no way for you to exclude them (unless you wanted to get tricky and create content for us to serve at those pages - maybe a 0-byte wp.html with some redirects from the spam names you see, pointing to it?)

Not trying to present that as a solution, though, just a potential workaround!