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Analytics have "-" listed; looks like ingestion error

The Issue

The four domains for which I have an analytics plan are reporting ‘pages’ like “https://www.wildtechgarden.ca-/” (note the “-” instead of a page name) both in “Top pages” and in “Resource not found”.

Background info

  • My sites were one of the last sets to have the analytics issue ‘resolved’ and it appears the issue is not actually quite resolved correctly.
  • I first purchased the analytics earlier this billing cycle.
  • I have quite few sites for which I haven’t purchased analytics (too costly for the number of sites).

A screenshot; just because:

Affected Netlify Domains:

  • princesandmadmen.netlify.app
  • danielfdickinson.netlify.app
  • thecshore.netlify.app
  • wildtechgarden.netlify.app


The first question is whether this reflects an ingestion issue or deliberately malformed URLs. If the former, can it be fixed?

Hi @danielfdickinson

Unfortunately I have no solution, rather an observation of the same thing.

I can see the same thing on the two sites I have analytics running on, with - listed in both Top pages and Top resources not found. I also see an empty entry too

Hi both,

I’ve run this by our developers and waiting for a reply from them.

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From the status report and my looking at my analytics, this issue is resolved.

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Thanks for letting us know, @danielfdickinson! Glad everything is working for you :netliconfetti: