Netlify Analytics reporting resources not found even though they're exist

Hi, everyone. :slight_smile:

I have a static html website deployed on Netlify. The site is built using ElderJs. So far it is good, but there is one thing that bugging me.

In the analytics section, I have lots of “resources not found” reported. Even tough those resources exist as plain HTML files. I attached a screenshot of one-day-timeframe to show the problem. But actually I see it for months now.

The problem is there’s now way to log this, so can someone give insight or help here?


PS: I cannot put the website name here as I don’t have permission to do that.

Hey @hamdirizal,

It appears that all the 404 requests to the URLs in top resources were met with a POST request. Since you don’t have Netlify Forms enabled, we served a 404 for those requests. This is why they ended up in there.

Wow. This makes sense now.
Is there a way to show same page even though they’re using different request method?

For example:
GET: /about-us/ ---->
POST: /about-us/ ---->

Thanks for the answer.


hi @hamdirizal - thats an intersting idea! I will pass it on, but for the moment, there isn’t a quick/short way to do this unfortunately. but i am very glad we found out about this behaviour!

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