Removing install prompt - Gatsby Jamstack Theme on Netlify

Hi I have just installed this Gatsby theme

Each time I visit my site, I’m shown that pop up prompt to “install” Foundation. It reveals my Netlify domain as well. How do I remove this prompt from showing up to other people?

Check if the code calls the beforeinstallprompt somewhere

I’ve tried - maybe I’m too new and can;t understand the structure. where does this normally lie? Which file would this usually be in?

Would you mind sharing the link to your website?

Exactly the same starter code as this! Sorry but I am unable to provide the link to the website… But I used this same one from here.

I just published the website and I don’t see any such prompt:

If you’re talking about the prompt that appears after you click the button in the address bar, that is intended behaviour and can be removed by removing either or both: gatsby-plugin-offline, gatsby-plugin-manifest.

By the post, it seemed like the prompt appears automatically which doesn’t seem to be the case.

Yeah it appears only after I click the button (download icon in the address bar).
Will removing gatsby-plugin-offline change anything about my website? Ideally I’d like to remove that prompt

It’ll disable the service worker for your website, which is generally responsible for caching files to offline storage which increases page load speed and also works when the user is offline. If you’re okay with that, you can remove it.