_redirects file not working?

I’m transitioning my domain from domain.co to cooldomain.com. I added a redirect to my sites (both sites), it’s being processed according to the number of redirects in the build log (16 redirects), however once deployed, it doesn’t appear to be in effect.

http://beta.domain.co/*     https://beta.cooldomain.com/:splat          301!
https://beta.domain.co/*    https://beta.cooldomain.com/:splat          301!
http://beta.domain.co       https://beta.cooldomain.com                 301!
https://beta.domain.co      https://beta.cooldomain.com                 301!

hey peter,

can you confirm your _redirects file is plural (redirects) not _redirect (singular)

Hi @perry ,

Yes, the file is indeed _redirects.

Here’s the deploy log showing that it processed the redirects:

Following up - any tips?

Howdy - still looking for help here.

:face_with_monocle: still looking for some help.

Could you please tell us your REAL domain name so we can actually reproduce things? The syntax looks ok if they come before your OTHER redirects.

Sorry @fool , here’s entire contents of my file.

http://beta.getpulse.co/* https://beta.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
https://beta.getpulse.co/* https://beta.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
http://beta.getpulse.co/ https://beta.pulsegrow.com/ 301!
https://beta.getpulse.co/ https://beta.pulsegrow.com/ 301!

https://getpulse.co/support/* https://support.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
http://getpulse.co/support/* https://support.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
https://getpulse.co/support https://support.pulsegrow.com 301!
http://getpulse.co/support https://support.pulsegrow.com 301!

https://support.getpulse.co/* https://support.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
http://support.getpulse.co/* https://support.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
https://support.getpulse.co https://support.pulsegrow.com 301!
http://support.getpulse.co https://support.pulsegrow.com 301!

http://forums.getpulse.co/* https://community.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
https://forums.getpulse.co/* https://community.pulsegrow.com/:splat 301!
http://forums.getpulse.co https://community.pulsegrow.com 301!
https://forums.getpulse.co https://community.pulsegrow.com 301!

I’ve got the same repo deploying to both domains, and both domains have this same _redirects file. Could that be causing issues?

Thanks, that cleared things up!

  1. We don’t host beta.getpulse.co so you’d have to configure redirects at heroku for that domain.
  2. https://getpulse.co/support does redirect as configured
  3. We don’t host support.getpulse.co, so you’d have to configure redirects at groovehq
  4. We don’t host forums.getpulse.co so you’d have to work with whomever owns this IP address:
$ host forums.getpulse.co
forums.getpulse.co has address

So - things are working as expected as far as I can tell.

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:man_facepalming: that makes sense.

Thank you.

Okay - I got support.getpulse.co working by making a cname record for support and just pointing it to my netlify site. However, my forums.getpulse.co is set up the same way, but not redirecting. Could you give it another look? It’s giving me a Not Found, even tho it’s on netlify now.

C:\Users\kover\Documents\Dev>ping forums.getpulse.co

Pinging pulsefront.netlify.com [] with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from bytes=32 time=71ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=77ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=201ms TTL=43
Reply from bytes=32 time=70ms TTL=43

C:\Users\kover\Documents\Dev>curl forums.getpulse.co
Not Found

Hi peter,

you’d need to configure forums.getpulse.co as a “domain alias” on your site.
Basically adding another custom domain.

Only then are we able to detect what site we should serve for that domain.
The way HTTP works, we’ll only be told, somebody wants to access forums.getpulse.co which we don’t know anything about yet.

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Thank you @marcus that did the trick!!!

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