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Redirects not working - Netlify indicates successful processing

My redirects file is as below

https://penthejourney.netlify.app/* https://penthejourney.com/:splat 301!
https://penthejourney.netlify.app/* https://penthejourney.com/:splat 301!
https://influencers.penthejourney.com/* https://penthejourney.com/:splat 301!

But none of the links actually redirect to penthejourney.com and I’m not sure why, Netlify reports that 3 redirect rules have been processed successfully:

So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong

Hi @simeon9696

These two rules are identical, so you can remove one.

Other than that, I see no issue in the rules.

Hi @simeon9696,

I’m not seeing the redirects in your production website.

Are you aware that your auto publishing is off:


And the deploy without the redirects is currently published live.

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Thanks! @hrishikesh it seems that was the issue.

@coelmay the last redirect rule isn’t working. I used to have a site at that subdomain but I took it down and I’d like to have any user that uses that link to be redirected to the primary domain

If the subdomain is no longer in DNS it won’t redirect as it is not accessible. You will need to reconfigure it, set it is an alias of your primary domain or set up a new site with a dummy HTML page and configure the redirect there.

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