Redirects :splat strange behvior

Hello community,

I’m currently facing an issue while trying to use netlify redirects. I’ve tried two methods to apply some redirects to my site. (sitename : staging-oly-web-cycling )

I have tried domain redirections in the _redirects file and via the toml file and I’m facing the same issue each time :* 301 Language=fr

(both domains are registered well in netlify domains)

this doesn’t work but when I add some part of the url the redirection is good :* 301 Language=fr

Can someone help me sort this out ? Or explain me more in depth how the netlify redirects works if I could avoid a redirection conflict.

Thanks a lot !

I can see that you have configured as the primary domain and as a domain alias. You might want to flip this around, so that the UK site is the primary. Or, you can change your redirect rule to redirect from the French primary site to the UK alias.

Then, for your rule, I believe you’ll need to force (note the !) the redirect for the reason discussed here :smiley:

/* 301! Language=fr