Redirecting Url not working properly

Hey there! when I’m sending an redirect link to the mail of the user who has forgetten password it’s showing the url is not correct or Page Not Found neither the url is showing, while it was working properly in the localhost. I don’t know why this error is occuring I have also check the my auth.js, resetPassowrd & main.jsx compenent many times still couldn’t find the error.

Here is the Github repo- GitHub - Sonuu20/BloggingWeb

live link-

You’ll find the answer in the first post in this topic

Let us know if the support guide that dig linked doesn’t solve your issue! Thanks for adding that, dig!

@dig @charlottechhum I have specified the _directs fille in the index.html directory still the issue remains the same…

Was that a typo and you meant _redirects file?

I don’t see the file in the repository you linked previously and the last commit was 3 days ago.

In this instance you’ll want the file in the public directory for the reasons outlined here

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