Redirecting from a Netlify subdomain to an external app hosted through my FRITZ!Box


I was fiddeling around with redirects today and I understand somewhat how it works. But I encountered some problems.

When I setup a redirect like:
then I have a simple redirect that changes the URL after the redirect. So far so good.

If I use a netlify.toml, like:

  from = "/*"
  to = ""
  status = 200

It also works, kind of. It keeps the domain and I also get paths like /login on my netlify domain.
The Problem is, though, that it’s extremly slow that way. Loading times ramp up from seconds to a minute.

Is there a better way to approach that, maybe?


This doc outlines the do/don’ts so you’re on the right track!

I don’t suppose you can share the site in question or show us what’s happening? Is it the external service being slow itself?

I fixed it. Redirect doesn’t seem to be the right approach. I placed an A Record for my site and that’s all I needed.