Redirect with space?


simple question: I’d like to redirect an URL with a space. I’ve tried several versions I couldn’t find the right one - anyone aware of how it should be formatted?


Hello @spekulatius12345, welcome!

This is a bit of an unclear question to me, do you mean an actual space or %20?

Hey @andylemaire

thanks for replying! The URL is displayed in Firefox as a space, but I assume it’s actually %20 being sent. I’ve tried these variations:

" Publishing/" 301!\ Publishing/ 301!

Both return a 404 instead of the expected 301.


Any chance you can give this a quick skim, please, and let us know the real URLs at play here? It sounds… odd. :slight_smile:

Hey @Pie

sorry for not being precise and hiding the original domain while there isn’t a real reason - more a habit.

I’ve went back and re-added the URLs as they came from Search Console (with spaces replaced as %20) and it worked. Maybe I’ve had the non-capital letters in while typing them.

It works now!

Thanks for your help!