Redirect colons to slash in url

I am migrating my site, previous site had the following urls : domain/public:abc:xyz The new one has a more traditional domain/public/abc/xyz Is there anyway I can redirect the previous URLs to the new ones?

While Netlify redirects supports Placeholders: Redirect options | Netlify Docs, I don’t think they can work in this case due to : being used as delimiters.

I think this would be possible using Edge Handlers (Beta), not the normal redirects. However, there’s no open access to it as far as I know. So, the only way I see is to use client-side redirects using JavaScript.

Makes sense, I looked into edge handlers but that’s a invite only feature. @hillary could the support team help me with this invite? I have already requested access to the feature.

Hey there, @Techno-Disaster . I have brought this question to my team to get more information, and will follow up here once I have details for you.

Hey there, @Techno-Disaster

Thanks for your patience here, and thank you for completing the interest form. The rollout is a gradual process, so you will be contacted once there are next steps. I do not have an ETA on when this will be.

Thanks again for your patience :netlisparkles: