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Redirect error on Google Search console for non-https bare URL

Hi, @cfcurtis and @Ultra. We have a reproduction and I can also see the issue now! It is a bug and it is our service is causing it.

It only happens on some CDN nodes (not all) and only when a user-agent which triggers prerendering is used (even when prerendering is disabled).

I’ve escalated this to our developers. I’ve also edited my comments above concerning https://www.redirect-checker.org/index.php. It is giving accurate information and I’ve made that clear now above.

We will post an update here as soon as we know more about this.


Thank you, @Luke! I appreciate your candour on this. I’m glad you’ve managed to identify a fix reproduce the issue.

(FWIW I really think Netlify is a fantastic service, I’m really looking forward to seeing you do well.)

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glad we were able to figure this out a little bit! thanks for sharing so much context!

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Completely agree. The docs say if you use netlify’s DNS then you’re set - and yet Google, the #1 search engine won’t index my site due to a redirect error.
Glad to see a reproduction. Hopefully this can be resolved sooner rather than later.

@luke Glad to hear that you were able to find the issue - found this thread after weeks of Google throwing redirect errors at me and not understanding why.

Is there a recommended temporary fix that can be done in the meantime to mitigate the issue until an actual fix can be implemented?


Do you have an ETA on when this will be fixed?


Having the same issue for http to https redirects with Googlebot.

Hey there, folks :wave:

Great questions here. We will follow up on this thread once we have more information! At the moment, I do not have an ETA on when this will be fixed. Regarding temporary fixes, I will ask to see if the team working on this has any suggestions :slight_smile:

FYI I’m now getting the redirect error (intermittently) for http://www.lightmeterultra.com/ instead.

Therefore it appears that avoiding aliases/flattened cname records isn’t the solution to work around this issue.

Looking forward to hearing a resolution has been found.

Thanks for the reply! To me this seems like a pretty critical bug, since content that has been on Google for many years risks getting dropped from their index.

So far I’m only on a free Netlify plan, so I totally understand that I’m entitled to nothing here :). But FYI I’ll be looking to migrate to another hosting provider in the upcoming days unless I get an ETA that is in the near future. I’ve been very satisfied with Netlify so far, but risking getting dropped from Google is kind of a dealbreaker.


I just wanted to hopefully help bump the priority of this.

I have a new product I would like to launch but I can’t because it can’t get added to the Google index at all due to this bug. So this bug is delaying a project.

I really really love netlify, but without an ETA we will eventually be forced to move elsewhere for all our products


Hi Luke / Hillary,

Wanted to add to the noise of this thread if I may. The more voices the better right? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hope we see a fix soon. :crossed_fingers:


Netlify can do it!! Let’s fix this :blush:


I’ve got 3 sites that have all had Search Console redirect errors appear in the last week, none of which had any issue previously.

In all cases, the redirect error is on redirects from http://www.[domain-name] to https://[domain-name]

Any kind of information about a timescale for a resolution and anything that can be done to bump the priority of the issue would be great - seeing that this thread has been going for weeks now is making me wonder whether I need to be looking for an alternative to Netlify.


I’m also waiting urgently for a fix. I have a new site that isn’t being indexed properly from the start due to these redirects, and at some point I’ll have to decide whether it needs another solution if the problem remains.


Hi, @Ultra, @eduardo.hosoume, @coelmay, @gregraven, @etiennedesportes, @pduchnovsky, @cfcurtis , @Joe1, @joeellis, @heyman, @jonasva, @gavinhenderson, @cam, @gideongoddard, @dhewi, and anyone else that reads this topic.

This issue is resolved now. ​Please let us know if you see any instances of this redirect loop happening again (as it should no longer be occurring).


This is great news. Thank you @luke and the rest of the team.


All looks good. Thanks so much :grin: :thank_you:


Unfortunately this did not solve my issue. However! I went through my netlify settings to see if there might be anything weird. Turns out I had netlify prerendering enabled, so I disabled it and deployed and now the bots are happy.

I see that prerendering is a beta feature, can I report this as a bug somewhere?

Hi, @cfcurtis. There was a bug at Netlify but it was fixed. If the issue you are seeing is not fixed and it only happened with prerendering enabled then it is quite possible that the issue is being caused by client side javascript (which would not be Netlify’s bug to fix as we don’t write your site’s javascript).

Before we can file a bug for this, we need to provide instructions to reproduce the issue happening or otherwise provide documentation of the issue. Would you be willing to enable prerendering on a site where the issue can be seen for testing?