HTTPS Indexing Issue of My Nuxt 3 Site on Google Search Console


I’m facing an issue with the indexing of my Nuxt 3 site on Google Search Console. I deployed my site at on Netlify, and everything seems to work fine, but Google is unable to index my site correctly.

My Netlify site name

The main issue seems to be related to the indexing of the HTTP and HTTPS versions of my site. Google Search Console shows the error “Duplicate page without user-selected canonical URL” for my HTTP URL. To address this, I added a _redirects file to my project with the following rule to redirect all traffic to HTTPS:

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/* 301!

However, even after this modification, Google Search Console indicates an error of “Page with redirection” for these two URLs: and

I would appreciate any advice or suggestions on resolving this issue. Is there something I might be overlooking or a different approach I should consider?

Thank you for your assistance.

The chain goes:

The redirect from http to https will be because Netlify only hosts sites on https as per:

The redirect from www. to the apex will be due to it being set as the primary domain (or perhaps your redirect):

Hello and thank you, @nathanmartin , for your previous response.

I’d like to clarify a point: given that Netlify automatically configures my site to use HTTPS, why does Google Search Console primarily index the HTTP version of my site? This seems peculiar as Netlify defaults to HTTPS.

Additionally, could you advise on the best way to manage redirects so that they are optimal for Google Search Console? My goal is to prevent indexing errors due to multiple redirections. Currently, the redirection path seems to be from HTTP to HTTPS, then from the www subdomain to the apex domain. How can I optimize this process for better indexing by Google?

Thank you in advance for your help and guidance.

@JulienB8 Unfortunately I can’t provide any more assistance, it’s not something I’ve encountered and I don’t work for Netlify, nor am I well versed in the intricacies of Google Search Console.

I was just providing a little more information regarding the redirects that I could personally see occurring, and “why they were probably occurring”, in the hope that it might spur some understanding/solution for you.

Thank you @nathanmartin for your previous explanations. They have been very helpful.

I am wondering if someone from the Netlify team could provide further clarification on this issue. We are seriously considering upgrading to a paid plan, but we would like to resolve this HTTPS indexing issue first.

Thank you in advance for any additional assistance.

This redirect is redundant and should be removed.

Regarding the redirection, I don’t see anything working incorrect from our end. Is that correct? You seem to be having issues in getting your site indexed on Google, so you could try contacting them, because as far as Netlify is concerned, everything is working as intended. If you find some actionable feedback or suggestions that they can provide that would help get this issue solved from server-side, we’d be happy to dicuss further, but we don’t know how Google works, so we can’t comment on why it’s behaving the way it is.