Google search console

site name:

I built a web page about a year ago, and I registered the site to google search console, and it worked fine.

A few months ago, I noticed that that most of the pages are excluded from the search console, due to the pages are re-directed to

I changed the sitemap.xml; all were replaced with Google now says the sitemap is readable but the url’s are not allowed.

Could you advice how i can fix this?
Thank you.

Hiya! This is quite likely related to our migration from .com to .app, you might want to check out this topic!

Thank you for you advice.

I created a _redirects file like this: 301! 301!
And I got a browser error (err_too_many_redirects):

I also tried this: 301!
I didn’t get error, but browser is directed to .app site.

Thank you,

Yeah, you won’t need those rules. We automatically redirect from .com to .app so you’ll get a cyclic issue.

Just to confirm, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to add the domain in to your own console? If so, I don’t think this will work. You will be able to add a custom domain though!