Redirect by country or language Help


I added the following to my _redirects file and committed it to GitHub:

/ /en-us 302 Country=us

The deploy said that everything went fine but when I visit my site the redirect isn’t occurring. I should be redirected to /en-us on my domain but I am not. I’ve cleared my cookies and cache to see if that was the problem but the issue persists. Any help regarding this would be appreciated.


Hi @mbeinder, welcome to the community! Can you share a link to you site that shows your issue? I’d like to test to see what the issue may be. Thanks!

Yes, its Please note that this site is not yet in production so no information displayed should be viewed as final or fully accurate.

No worries, we are not here to judge your content :slight_smile:

I think you are missing this configuration if you want us to redirect EVEN THOUGH you have a /index.html file:

(specifically, your redirect isn’t forced, so is never activated as long as you deploy an index.html file)

That worked! Thanks so much!