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Recent change: open proxy deprecation

As part of our ethos to build a better web, our team always strive to do what’s best for both our service and others. Therefore, Netlify have recently deprecated the ability to create open proxies.

What is an open proxy, I hear you ask, and what’s (possibly) so bad about them? Well, rather than reinvent the wheel, here’s the Wikipedia definition!

Who is impacted?

Odds are, you are not impacted. We identified only a few dozen customers who had configured an open proxy, whether intentionally or by accident. All customers with an open proxy configured, and a custom domain, have already been contacted directly.

To clarify, this blog post details how an open proxy at Netlify looks, and this is the behaviour which will be deprecated: Setup a CORS Proxy With Netlify - Jim Nielsen’s Blog

An open proxy redirect rule allows for a URL to be passed through as part of a path, such as:

/proxy/* :splat 200

How to mitigate

Proxying to external services, like this – using a rule such as /proxy/* https://api.example.com/:splat 200 – is still permitted and this behaviour is not impacted.

As always, if you have questions, please do reach out :point_down: in the comments!