Netlify proxied file downloads are unreliable and fail at lower bandwidth

Did anyone in the community successfully proxied medium-large files through netlify ?

We are hosting our binaries on S3 and using netlify’s proxy feature to link it to our domain. We noticed recently that users on lower bandwidth are not able to download our binaries because of timeouts. We investigated this and observed that this happens only for proxied requests and doesn’t happen if we download the file directly from S3.

Steps to reproduce:

Download netlify proxied asset (this terminates roughly after 2 mins, wget retries by default but on browsers it fails):

  1. wget --limit-rate=20k -vvv

download from S3 directly (this doesn’t terminate):

  1. wget --limit-rate=20k -vvv

Are there any docs on why this would happen ? Anyway to circumvent this ? Or should we not use netlify proxy for file downloads?

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Welcome to the forums @suresh

I believe you have answered your own question.

Also keep the following in mind if you are using an open proxy: Recent change: open proxy deprecation.