Proxying from Netlify to another Netlify sometimes is very slow / times out

We’re proxying from our Netlify to another Netlify site/branch. It works usually but sometimes a series of proxied requests are very slow, often so slow it times out after 60 seconds.

Here’s one example where a bunch of the proxied requests timed out:

(Some of the proxied requests did return successfully, in the above example.)

The site name is “cuttle-staging” and it’s proxying to site name “cuttle-editor” on branch “main”.

We haven’t noticed this issue with any requests that aren’t proxied.

Hey @b01a1608d518cbfb97f3,

Is this still happening? The engineers have reverted a change that could have caused high load times after receiving a few more reports.

Thanks for the reply. I just did some testing and the issue seems to be resolved now. I’m not seeing any timed out requests after a few minutes of refreshing :+1: