Proxy redirect dosen't work

By adding it the way you’ve shown above, but I don’t see it applied for your website. Are we still taking about dreamy-einstein-27e164?

Yes, I am :slight_smile:
I add it to the gatsby files and then i deploy the files using git via gatsby cloud. is it possible that the .toml file is not uploaded with the build? should I upload it manually?

Just to be sure, could you specify a permalink to the deploy in which you’re sure you’ve added these rewrites?

this is how my toml file lokks

  /proxy/  200

That is not the correct format for a netlify.toml as I mentioned previously.
Furthermore is not accessible.

I have tried the format bellow wut it didn’t work eather.

than I tried as it is mentioned in the link you sent me:

I am a bit confused:

  1. what is the correct way to show the user a page from another site (no nelify) but still keep him in the current domain?

This method is correct, but it would help if you could share a link to a deploy in which you say this is not working.

what do you mean when you say link to a deploy?

The link from Preview button here:

Sorry, I am new to this, where can I find this button?
for some reason I cant replay anymore…
but wait, I will redeploy the site

On one of the deploys listed here: Netlify App

Send the link to the one you think has the correct redirect rule but it’s not working.

Hi, this is the current deploy

What do you think I should do?

Hi @dav

I’m not seeing the netlify.toml file anywhere in your deploy. Are you sure the file exists in your repo?

@dav I created an index.html with the following

<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head><title>HTML</title></head><body><h1>Hi</h1></body></html>

and a _redirects with

/    200!

deployed these files and I see the proxied content.

However… the page contains dozens of errors due to CORS and other issues.
Demonstration: https://6131fcb4df6ebff30322fe1d–

So while you can proxy your site, it is sub-optimal. You would best serve yourself (not to mention those who may visit your site) by redirecting with a 301 redirect ie.

Create a _redirects with

/    301!

which is a permanent redirection to your new URL.

Yes, the file is in the repo,
Maybe it is not located in the right location?


Generally the netlify.toml is in the root of your repository.

I have located the file in the root folder of the repo, do you see it now?
this is the deploy

Yes, both pages looks the same…
the one I am redirecting from and redirecting to look the same.