Recaptcha issue when using in 2 forms on same

I have an issue with forms submissions:

  • we have two forms on a single page (header and body) and they both work fine and submit responses when the recaptcha is not enabled

  • when I add recaptcha to both forms, the first (header) form stops working completely and only the second body form works (both submissions and recaptcha work on it)

  • from my tests it seem that the issue is present when we have recaptcha more than once on a page

  • I checked the netlify docs and searched for solution but didnt find any so wanted to reach out to see if anyone could advise on this, the code is here:

  • header form

  • body form

URL for the page with forms:

Hiya Edward and welcome to our community!

We have an open bug on the fact that you can only use one recaptcha in any html page. It’s been open for some time and it isn’t a frequent use case now that we have akismet-based spam filtering (see for details), so it is not likely we’ll fix the bug soon.

If we do fix it, I will follow up in this thread. But for today you can only use one recaptcha on any page on our service.