Netlify forms only working with data-netlify-recaptcha="true"

Hi forum, happy to be here.

I have my Netlify Forms working after a lot of trial and error on my Netlify site:


  • I have 2 Netlify forms on the website - contact and shop-signup.
  • Both have unique names for all input tags… even the ones they share like email, firstname etc.
  • Only 1 form is rendered on each page.
  • I have a third newsletter form, but that’s handled separately.
  • Forms work correctly with recaptcha=true

Contact form is here, and shop form is here.

As mentioned, I have a version working on the website – but it requires data-netlify-recaptcha="true" for each of the Netlify forms. As soon as I remove that from the shop form I get blank submissions.

I can see that the submission has happened, but there’s no data – as detailed in this StackOverflow post. Following the guidance there I have triple checked all of my inputs for name attributes and can’t find any issues… It also works when recaptcha is on.

So… my desired behaviour:
Include a recaptcha for the Contact form.
Remove the recaptcha for the Shop form.

Is this possible? Am I being really silly?

As of now, it seems you’ve captcha enabled for the shop form as well. We would need a version with the captcha disabled to test this issue. Do you think you can setup a copy?

Sure, thanks for taking a look. Here’s a version you can take a look at with the recaptcha removed.

As far as I can see, for the form with the name shop-signup. the value that has been stored in the database is:

explicit_recaptcha: true

this could happen if you’ve 2 forms with the same name and one of them has Recaptcha enabled. If that’s not the case, try changing the form name so a different form is registered.