ReactJS / Auth0 - routing with netlify causing infinite loop (single page routing)

Hi there,
We create our app using nbw and create-react-app. Our routing is single page routing on client side.
For authentication, we are using auth0 and deploying on Netlify.
Localhost is working fine after routing, but after deploying on netlify we would have a “Page not Found”
We added __redirects file as suggested in many post, and after Auth0 was successfully authenticated, it will loop from /callback#access_token to /home (our internal routing) forever.
We don’t understand why and might need some help as we understood redirects is mandatory for netlify and client side routing, but at this point nothing works :confused:

PS : we dont think it’s an issue with Auth0, audience being different etc…

Hey there, @phomsavanh :wave:

Welcome to the Netlify Forums and thanks for reaching out! Sorry to hear you are encountering some difficulties.

Before we dive in further, we will need a few more details. Can you please provide your Netlify site name as well as your most recent deploy log? Additionally, can you confirm if you have read our Support Guide on redirects as well as some related threads? These are good places to start when debugging: