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React Front End. Built on Netlify. ISO Paid Help


I am a Senior Producer seeking a Developer with experience configuring Netlify to support a front end built on React. This would be a remote freelance position. We prefer someone based on the west coast of the USA.

About the project
There is no more front end work needed at this time. All templates for launch have been built.
Some interfaces have been built for content management in the CMS, however, they need more refinement to make them user friendly. This includes manipulating the form fields and data entry interfaces in Netlify

Who we are seeking
A developer who can configure Netlify by creating custom fields and interfaces
We are seeking someone with experience customizing Netlify

Hey @JMS_Producer :wave:

And welcome to the Netlify Support Forums! :netliheart:

To clarify what you’re looking for a bit, are you seeking someone who is simply helping you handle the logistics, infrastructure, and setups for deploying a React front-end-based site, or are you looking for someone to also do the front-end design and build as well (writing the JS/CSS/etc. themselves)?


Thank you for your questions, Jon. I’ve added more information to the post, which I hope helps us find a development partner.

By CMS, so you mean Netlify CMS?

@JMS_Producer It sounds like you’re looking for someone to work with specifically the “Netlify CMS” (not “Netlify” itself).

If you change all the references in your original post from “Netlify” to “Netlify CMS” it’ll make it much clearer to anyone else that wanders along what specific experience/skills you’re seeking.