React deployed blank screen problem

I just started learning react and recently just built my first react application using create-react-app, it’s production build runs perfectly on my system locally but when i deployed it on netlify it keeps giving me a blank screen, please can someone help with this. Link to repo GitHub - Nosa-Drexx/first-react-project

have you looked at the console or network tab in your browser? I would guess you might be running into some CORs errors.

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This seems to be the site:

There are a few errors in your app and the console points to the exact lines where you need to fix those:

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Thanks a lot this was the exact problem … didn’t even think of checking the console, :pensive: but i am still confused though when i ran it locally my console didn’t throw off any error, why then did it have that error after deploying

Thanks alot the error was right there on the console . Really appreciate.

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Glad everything is working now, @nosa! Happy building :netliconfetti: