React application won't deploy with Ionos domain

I have purchased a domain from Ionos and when I try to deploy my app with netlify with my Ionos domain the page is empty but my webpage works completely fine with the domain.

I have added my domain on netlify and it says that checkmark with netlify DNS next to it as well as the SSL/TLS cert says " Your site has HTTPS enabled". I have went on Ionos to update the name server and waited all night and still nothing seems to be working. On the Ionos side, all I did was update the name server, I did not touch anything else!

![Screen Shot 2023-04-20 at 10.35.40 AM|690x310](upload://uTicIoHFWwO9xxtcUn0r23Lt57o.jpeg)

You’ve redacted all the useful details, please share those in order to check.