React App won't deploy due to the following error: "ENOENT: no such file or directory"

Hi! Wanna preface this by saying I’ve read through this thread and tried all methods mentioned but still no dice. My situation is described below, any help is super appreciated!

Netlify site name: magenta-caramel-280144
Github repo: GitHub - fionaeckert/react_project

I am attempting to deploy the front-end of my React application to Netlify. Because I have both a frontend and backend, both exist in separate folders, but all are contained in the same repo. I’m only attempting to deploy the “greenspace” folder, which is where my React application lives.

As you can see on my Github repo, I’ve created a __redirects file and written the aforementioned /* /index.html 200' within the file. I’ve tried deploying the site with the file at the root of the directory (adjusting the __redirects syntax to be /public/index.html to ensure I was properly referencing the source) as well as with the __redirects file in the public folder (with the __redirects syntax reading as /* /index.html 200)

The deployment runs until line 150 and then buffers until the build exceeds the maximum runtime. Super appreciate any insight here!

Hi @fionaeckert

Looking at your latest build, it appears to be getting far past line 150 (but still failing). There are quite a few errors in the logs and, in the end, the build is failing because it is exceeding the maximum build time.

I suggest you start with these articles: