Re-activate deleted form

Attempting to solve missing form submissions (see Form submissions not received) I deleted the ‘contact’ form, then disabled/re-enabled form parsing, and deployed the site with a clean cache after which there are still no active forms. I had expected that with form parsing re-enabled the ‘contact’ form would appear in active forms. Is there is a way to force this form to be parsed again and re-enabled?

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Hi, @mphstudios. There is a requirement that there be an HTML version of the form in the site’s deployed files.

If you download the deploy you will see the HTML does not contain a <form> tag.

To resolve this, a pure HTML version of the form must exist in the publish directory when the deploy of the site at Netlify occurs.

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Thank you @luke, the form was rendered in an edge function rather than being completely static. Deploying the static version of the form allowed it to be parsed.