Netlify attribute is still there in the form tag even after deployment

Netlify parameter is still there in the form tag even after deployment. It was working yesterday but it stopped working today for no reason. I need help :frowning:

heres is the link to the web:

Have you enabled form detection @BigWienr?

yes I did it still doesnt work @dig :confused:

Did you redeploy your site @BigWienr?

Yep i tried, i deployed the site again like 20 times already @dig

Have you looked through the form debugging resources?

Not yet I’ll check it out thanks! @dig

sorry for creating a duplicate topic I didn’t know the norms in this forum. But if anyone still has the solution feel free to tell me cause I checked the resources already and none of them had the solution yet !

Hi @BigWienr,

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you let us know if you’re re-deploy the form on a new site? It appear that the site clinquant-lebkuchen-5a81b5 has been deleted. If you could provide the new sitename that’ll help us look into this issue. Thanks!