Publshing directly from openElement to Netlify

I have been uploading these 2 websites by drag and dropping a folder to your deploy section with no problem. However, at present I am developing a site created in openElement and would like to know how can I upload an edited project from openElement directly to Netlify since openElement has an option to publish directly providing the correct URL, port numbers and server name? Thank you in advance!

Hi, @dideneedhelp. I don’t think this will work with Netlify. We don’t allow direct access to the servers which make up our CDN. Deploys happen through an API and I doubt there is any Netlify specific code in openElement.

If openElement can export the site as a directory or zip file, those can be deployed to Netlify using Drag and Drop. You can also do manual deploys with the Netlify CLI tool from that directory also.

Using the Netlify CLI might make it possible to have an script which runs after the build in openElement is complete which automatically uploads the built site using the Netlify CLI in that script.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

Hello Netlify staff:

Thanks so much for the reply.

I will then be uploading using the method I have been using all along, the drag and drop method.

I will consider though the script option you mentioned in your reply in the future. It sounds like a

better more efficient option.

Thanks so much for your support.



sounds good, @dideneedhelp - if you need more assistance setting that up just let us know!