Publish to Custom Domain Fully Through the API

Hey guys! I am curious if I can deploy a site to a custom domain only using the API. This assumes of course that I update the name servers to use Netlify for DNS.

I have tried this a couple times:

  1. create the site with the custom domain and

  2. Point name-servers of the custom domain to Netlify name servers:

But even if I wait 24 hours, it never can resolve the secure version of the site without me going to the Netlify Admin panel and clicking the SSL link.

Is it possible to fully set up a site on a secure custom domain without needing to visit the Admin console?

Site name: chislr

Custom domain:

Thank you for any tips!!


Harris Reynolds
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Hi, @harris-at-webase. It is possible, yes. Our web UI is using our API. This does mean that anything you can do using our web UI can be done using our API directly.

Using the browser developer tools to examine the API calls made by our web UI is one of the most effective ways of seeing exactly how to make the API calls to achieve this goal.

If there are other questions about this, please let us know.

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So you are basically saying that Netlify itself is truly built on the JAMstack! Brilliant!

I traced through the API calls and found a couple to the DNS endpoints that is what I was missing.

Thank you for the help and support. It sincerely helped!


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