Production URL is showing old version of site

also at

Last week I migrated my blog from Eleventy to Astro. However, the URL is often still serving the old (Eleventy) site. I’ve tried Clear cache and deploy site but this didn’t fix the issue. Neither did clearing my browser’s cache. Hard reload (Cmd+Shift+R) will load the new version, but I need the new version to be served on initial page load. Any help is appreciated :pray:t4:

How to tell which site you’re getting:
The old site uses system UI fonts. The new site has tighter spacing and uses Work Sans:

hi @aqandrew! When I load your site in my browser, I’m seeing the updated version. Can you try opening it in a new browser or incognito window and let me know what version you’re seeing?

Ah yes, when I hit the site in Safari (both desktop and iOS) I was only seeing the new version. I hadn’t updated Chrome in a while, but after relaunching I’m only getting the new version there too.

Thank you @sid.mann !