Old version of website on some search engines

Netlify page name: https://fotcalc.netlify.app

On some search engines my website shows an old version of the website. I am experiencing this on Google Chrome and the Twitter search engine. When I reinstalled Chrome, everything was fine. Multible users has this issue.

Sounds like your local issue then? If re-installing your browser can fix the issue, I don’t see how Netlify is working incorrectly. Please share more details as to what do you mean by old version.

I will give you more info.

My website is a static website with only HTML, CSS and JS. I have uploaded all of the website code to GitHub (GitHub - jkaste03/fotcalc: fotcalc). That is where Netlify gets the code from. I update my website quite frequently (approximately three times a day. Sometimes a lot more). So when I need to update, I upload all of the updated website files to the same GitHub repository.

With old website version, I mean the HTML, JS and CSS files that was uploaded to GitHub days before. Those old website files has been overwritten multible times since. That is why I think it is strange that some users see this old version of the website. Again, this issue only applies to some people on some browsers. In other words this can’t be an issue only on my computer.

Your latest commit seems to be this: Add files via upload · jkaste03/fotcalc@bc00da5 (github.com)

Based on that, the updated file is: fotcalc.com/static/menyvalg.js

and it shows the latest contents:


Could you show us a discrepency in your uploaded code vs the website on Netlify?

It is correct that that was my last commit. However, that is not the version that some users see. The version that some users see is the latest commit I did on Wednesday (August 2nd). I can’t find the specific time stamp, but it shouldn’t be difficult to find.

Here is the changes I did for that version:

As I can see, there is nothing out of the ordinary to that commit.

If it is of any interest, this is the first commit I did the day after (Thursday 3rd):

If you (or others) are able to consistently reproduce this, can you send a HAR file recording or a x-nf-request-id response header so we can check our logs?

I currently only have this issue on my phone (Twitter browser). If I am able to reproduce this on my computer I think I will be able to send you a HAR file recording or a x-nf-request-id response header. I just googled how to get those.

When you say “consistently reproduce”, do you mean that I need to know how to make the issue occur? I have no clue how to make it occur. However, if it does occur again I will send you what you requested.

I can add that when I first experienced the issue (Thursday evening. August 3rd), the traffic of the website was record high. I also did a lot of frequent commits.

I’m not seeing the error occur at all, so if you’re seeing this on every page load or once in even x times or something, that would count as consistent.

When the issue occurs, it occurs on every page refresh.

This shows the issue (old version of website on my phone’s Twitter browser):

This is without the issue (correct version of website on my phone’s Safari or Chrome browser for example):
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But as you said, I will try to send you a HAR file recording or a x-nf-request-id response header if I am able to consistently reproduce this on my PC. Btw, if you have the time, you can visit UEFA Country Coefficient ranking on different browsers on your computer. If you see the website as the first image above, you can get the HAR file recording or a x-nf-request-id response header yourself. Again, the first image shows the old version of the website.

I am impressed by how willing you are to help btw. Thanks.

I checked across our entire CDN, and I can only see that we’re consistently serving the correct data across the entire network. I tried reloading your website multiple times on my devices and I’m still seeing 24.750 as the value. I’m not sure what more I can try to try seeing the isse myself.

Thank you very much for trying. I really appriciate it. I will try myself.